Evotec 100 WF

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Evotec 100 covers everything: over- or underhand, short or long casts. With a 10.4 meter head length and a unique compound rear taper, the Evotec 100 is the clear choice for a technical allround

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100WF3F WF3 Floating 34′ 95′ .28 oz
100WF4F WF4 Floating 34′ 95′ .35 oz
100WF5F WF5 Floating 34′ 95” .42 oz
100WF6F WF6 Floating 34′ 95′ .49 oz
100WF7F WF7 Floating 34′ 95′ .58 oz
100WF8F WF8 Floating 34′ 95′ .63 oz
100WF9F WF9 Floating 34′ 95′ .72 oz


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3 reviews for Evotec 100 WF

  1. Derek Olthuis

    Evotec 100 is a great do it all line! It cast overhand and makes spey casts without a hiccup. If you are wanting a line that can throw a dry and still turnover a streamer this is the line for you.

  2. Mark Erdosy

    Easy casting, efficient line capable of doing everything. Longer front taper for some delicacy on shorter casts and the two-step rear taper helps loop stability on longer casts. I used it almost exclusively for carp and I really enjoyed the accuracy on stilllwater presentations. Keep the line clean, to maintain slickness, and she’ll work great.

  3. Snorre Gulbrandsen

    Evotec 100 is the best line I have tried. I use it for trout fishing in the mountains.
    My fishing friends do the same.
    I usually use the #5 line and #6 line if I’m fishing in the wind.

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