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The Classic is equipped with ventilated sideplates in the new 2011 version. Beneath the stunning looks of the new Classic fly reel is the ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System. This monstrous braking system will subdue the strongest of fish in the harshest conditions. The completely waterproof drag system benefits from a pronounced ‘click’ that signals “fish on” through your ears into your every vein.

The Classic is completely corrosion resistant and benefits from a new ergonomic handle design with integrated leader retainer on the counterbalance. Available in either left or right-hand wind, each reel is individually numbered and presented in a handcrafted leather case. With its old world ‘classic’ looks and ultra-modern braking power, you will get the best of both worlds. We call it tradition with an attitude.

Please note: Model 46 does not have the Power matrix drag system. It comes with a very light and smooth adjustable click and drag which functions in both directions. This function is designed only to prevent spool overrun.



46 CR4-6 WF5 + 130/20 3.27″ 1.97″ 7.97 oz $679
58 CR5-8 WF7 + 250/20 3.54″ 1.97″ 8.47 oz $705
79 CR7-9 WF9F + 250/20 3.74″ 2.36″ 11.92 oz $825
811 CR8-11 WF10F + 220/30 3.94″ 2.56″ 12.63 oz $1,065
1013 CR10-13 WF12F + 350/30 4.13″ 2.56″ 13.58 oz $1,065




  • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminium.
  • Waterproof and salt tolerant.
  • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminium.
  • All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  • Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
  • Power Matrix Drag System.
  • Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  • Precisely counterbalanced.

6 reviews for Loop Classic Reels

  1. Gray Struznik

    I live and guide on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state and I’ve put this reel to the test in some harsh environments from subzero freezes to tracheal down pours and it’s worked flawlessly. I have nothing bad to say about this reel, the drag sounds great and it looks amazing..

  2. JP

    I got my first Classic reel for my double hand setup. Since then, I’ve come to own every single one they make. I’ve beaten this reel up, and its survived everything I’ve thrown at it. Beautiful traditional looks, but modern performance and reliability. Best part…everyone around you knows when you’re hooked onto a fish!

  3. Frank Strasheim

    My 8-11 classic reel may be the best reel I have ever own. It brings me back to the days of fishing with my Grandfather. Love the clicking on the drag and the over all feel. Great reel for my spey rod!

  4. Jason Whiting

    Perfect! As someone who needs gear to be able to fish as hard as I do, I questioned purchasing a classic style fly reel, but was not disappointed. Fishing the coastal waters of Northern California and Southern Oregon, I have been able to land everything from heavy hitting Chinooks to pissed off winter Steelhead with this reel and it handled them all perfectly! It may appear of old style, but is extremely sturdy with a design and drag system to match any anadromous fish you may throw at it.
    This reel as earned its place and is one I will keep a hold of for many years to come..

  5. Kim Nakamura

    Awesome reels. they make the sweetest sound when a big steelhead runs and your fishing partners instantly know you are hooked up 🙂 The smooth and strong drag system handles kings on the Kanektok and Skeena steelhead. You may miss the large arbor retrieve ratio but when the reel starts singing it will all be worth it.

  6. Lucas Leskiw

    Although not an owner, yet! I had the pleasure of fishing a classic this spring thanks too a good friend/fishing partner. I was thoroughly impressed with literally every aspect of this workhorse. And the look is just icing on the cake. No matter what I tried with this reel it handled with ease. Even the early morning sun zero temps with a wet reel/line was no challenge. We landed a large number of super aggressive steelhead fresh out of the lake and this reel had me so confident I was doing things I normally wouldn’t even with setups I’ve had for 10+ years and use almost daily! Thoroughly thoroughly impressed Loop! The only” issue” if you can even call it that is would be the noise of the drag/clicker as everyone around you knows when you are hooked up and when it’s going off every 10-15 minutes for hours on end the “not so lucky” anglers around me and downstream a bit seem too dislike the noise very much ????

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