Loop Evotec G4 Reels

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The Evotec Reel series have, at long last, been re-designed. More unique than ever with the L-shaped logo that ties together our line of fly reels. The interior is the same powerhouse of a reel, with the strong, and yet smooth, Power Matrix drag system that will be your best bet when the fish of a lifetime hits your fly.The G4 is equipped with an ergonomically designed, non-friction winding handle, which prevents the fly line from getting entangled on it. The counter-weight features an o-ring for attaching the tippet when not fishing.

The Evotec series is also available in Custom Colors.


FW 3/5 G4B-FW3-5 WF4+170/20 3.43″ 1.5″ 4.87 oz $425
FW 4/6 G4B-FW4-6 WF5+180/20 3.43″ 1.5″ 4.94 oz $439
FW 5/7 G4B-FW5-7 WF6+230/20 3.43″ 1.5″ 4.94 oz $452
LW 5/8 G4B-LW5-8 WF7+220/20 3.82″ 1.85″ 6.35 oz $479
LW 6/8 G4B-LW6-8 WF7+250/20 3.82″ 1.85″ 7.94 oz $492
LW 7/9 G4B-LW7-9 WF8+250/20 3.82″ 1.85″ 7.94 oz $505
HD 8/10 G4B-HD8-10 WF9+200/30 4.37″ 1.85″ 8.71 oz $545
HD 9/13 G4B-HD9-13 WF11+220/30 4.37″ 1.85″ 8.71 oz $559




  • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminum.
  • Waterproof and salt tolerant.
  • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminum.
  • All screws secured with Loc-Tite.
  • Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers.
  • Power Matrix Drag System.
  • Easy-grip progressive brake knob.
  • Simple, quick spool-change.
  • Right or left retrieve a snap.
  • Outgoing click (not available on FW).
  • Precisely counterbalanced.

3 reviews for Loop Evotec G4 Reels

  1. Derek Olthuis

    This reel is like the baby brother of the opti. Not because it is any less tough just not as large (arbor). Less arbor and added width for backing and capacity. These rods are perfect for two handers or for someone that doesn’t demand a super large arbor like the opti. Fully sealed, machined and ready for battle, these reels are serious about make sure you bring hog Johnson to the net.

  2. Mark Erdosy

    The classic G3 with a face lift that is every bit as smooth, functional, and durable as its predecessors. Now it looks even sexier. My first was an HD 8/10 that subdued a few summers worth of tarpon in the caribbean. My second was the LW 5/8 that has been my “go to” carp reel for several years now. Now the only question is, which one next?

  3. Doug Kinney

    The HD9/13 balances out my Evotec 6wt switch rod perfectly! Most of the switch lines and short skagit heads with running line take up more space than anticipated on the spool. This is the only way to go for the added bulk these lines have. I recommend this over the opti series because of this problem. I ordered mine with the spool in steelhead blue. It’s a beautiful setup. Customer service was top notch.

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