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OPTi reels come in a wide variety of sizes, each optimized for specific fishing applications. Creek and DryFly, with a silky-smooth drag that handles the thinnest leader. The OPTi Runner, which is built on the same principles as its big brother Speedrunner, is the obvious choice for light double-hand rods or slightly heavier single-hand rods. The brand new Opti Strike has the same diameter as the Runner but with a higher-capacity spool. Speedrunner features an inset handle and extra diameter for speedsters. Megaloop comes with dual braking plates and a super sturdy construction for tackling really big fish. The king of the hill is the OPTi Big. With an absolutely huge drag system it is designed to stop anything. The OPTi reel will be your best and most beautiful friend for life.

The OPTi series is also available in Custom Colors.


StrikeOSTBWF8+250/304.53″1.26″9.6 oz$705

Creek OCRB WF3+140/20 3.35″ .79″ 4.23 oz $545
Dryfly ODFB WF5+190/20 4.02″ .79″ 4.76 oz $585
Runner ORUB WF7+150/30 4.53″ .98″ 7.23 oz $652
Speedrunner OSPB WF8+185/30 5.16″ 1.26″ 7.62 oz $705
Megaloop OMLB WF10+250/50 5.16″ 1.26″ 9.07 oz $732
Big OBGB WF12+350/50 4.96″ 1.5″ 15.06 oz $839




  • Housing and spool machined from one piece aircraft aluminum
  • Waterproof and salt tolerant
  • Components in stainless steel and anodised aluminum
  • All screws secured with Loc-Tite
  • Mechanized components from leading European manufacturers
  • Power Matrix Drag System
  • Easy-grip progressive brake knob
  • Simple, quick spool-change
  • Right or left retrieve a snap
  • Precisely counterbalanced


18 reviews for Loop Opti Reels

  1. Josh

    I bought the Opti DryFly last year to put on my Opti Stream 5wt Rod. This thing was a huge surprise. There are so many little intricacies to this reel. It balances my rod perfectly. This is how a large arbor real is supposed to be designed. Great line pick up and and incredible drag system. This reel will outperform all of your other reels.

  2. Ryan benson

    Wow…….all I can say is this line of reels is possibly one of the most revolutionary and innovative designs I have ever had the privilege of using. The Loop Opti Dry Fly is so versatile I use it as a 4,5,6 wt lines and is often my go to reel because it’s drag system, like the Loop Opti Runner, it is silent. So, it’s ninja like properties allow for sneaky hook sets that are not loud …..silent but deadly!! I own every single reel in the Opti collection, for the speedrunner and mega loop reels are great for Spey!! Their sealed drag system is so cool, it comes with an Allen wrench tool to change your drag settings to 3 different ranges weaker, normal and tougher…..thus making it more universal than any reel I have ever used and no need to change the setting because it’s already perfect!! My next buy is the Loop Classic…. I love the traditional look with a loud drag that sounds like a hardy……..can’t wait…….also, I didn’t mention it my review of cross s1 rod but I own 6 different wt rods!!

  3. Frank Strasheim

    Very impressed with my Opti SpeedRunner. Bought it from a very knowledgable shop and I couldnt be happier. Its extremely smooth and powerful and balances perfect with my S-1. Not to mention it looks damn good!

  4. Grant Bench

    Smoother than fine Chinese silk, The Opti Dry Fly is my most prized peace of man jewelry. Here in the Rockies, large trout are abundant in nearly every state and when the conditions call for huge ass rainbows with a side of tiger trout, there’s no other reel i’d rather use.

  5. Phil

    I been fishing an Opti Runner on my 7 and 8 Wt for about a year now. This is BY FAR the smoothest reel I’ve ever fished. I’m not super into a reel that “clicks” like crazy when I reel or while the drag is going out. Just one of the many reasons I love the Opti reels…. it doesn’t click! Smooth as buttered grease on glass with ice skates all on a -30 degree slope, this sealed drag PURRRRS! I’ll never forget when I hooked into my first bonefish. That reel actually SANG to me…. Twas a song I’ll never forget. No need mentioning how it looks… Ok, I will…It’s the SICKEST looking reel on the market!

  6. Derek Olthuis

    Love at first sight…. The Reel not only looks sexy with curves in all the right places and it just works. It is a work horse dressed up for the show. I have fished opti reels all over the United States, Canada and South America and without fail these reels work. This is true large arbor with body builder strength. Machined to the highest standards with tight tolerance, sealed drag, light yet tough. Buy this reel and expect a lifetime of faithful service!!!

  7. Devan Ence

    Not only is this reel beautiful but it gets the job done. One of the first things that I noticed about this reel (besides its looks) was the buttery smooth drag. There is ZERO start up inertia when the drag is engaged, which is huge when you are using light tippet for hard pulling fish. The line pick up is outrageous ( you know for those times that you need to get a fish on the reel fast). I can’t say enough about how much I love this reel!

  8. Gary Barnes

    The Opti Reel has become my favorite, With it’s smooth drag system and elegant looks. This reel is a force to be reckoned with. I can’t say enough about this drag system I feel it is one of the best on the market and sealed. The reel is light weight and pleasing to the eye. After you try this reel you will have a cherished item you can fish with for a lifetime.

  9. Mark Erdosy

    First off, the Opti reel is a superb piece of machinery that is probably the best looking reel on the market. However, it is also one of the most functional reels. Amazing line retrieval rate, a v-shaped spool that places everything on the spool neatly, and a buttery smooth drag system that is ADJUSTABLE! For example, I’ve used the Opti Runner on 5-10 wt. rods for the past five years. I can lower the drag for dry fly fishing on the Upper Delaware or increase it for taming a king salmon or bonefish. A truly versatile piece of equipment.

    I recently purchased the Opti Strike that is basically the same size as the Runner, but it has more line capacity and the same drag system found in the Opti Big. It also doesn’t have the inset handle of the Runner, which allows an angler more torque in reeling in heavier fish. With more weight, it balances switch/spey rods better and the greater capacity makes it perfect for saltwater use. With these two reels, I can cover almost every single angling scenario.

    Like any reel, I’d recommend cleaning it after extended excursions in saltwater, but especially the screws that hold the drag knob in place. Do that and you will have a workhorse piece of gear for a very long time.

  10. Jake

    The Opti dry fly is a sweet reel. Solid drag for any species of fish. Proably the smoothest reel out there good looks and quailty to match well worth the price!

  11. Captain/Guide Scott Feltrinelli

    Absolute perfection. The finest in design. Form follows function. Once owned, you will never consider another reel. I own the Opti Creek, Opti Dry and a couple of Opti Runner reels. With 28 years of both fresh and saltwater fly fishing experience, I can say LOOP is an honorable company with a precision driven approach to building rods and designing reels. Simply the best.

  12. Captain Richard Berlin

    For fresh water applications, I give the reel 4 1/2 stars. To get 5 stars I’d beef up the cranking handle and I’d make adjusting the drag easier, including improving instructions to do so. In salt water applications, a good sealed drag is almost a must, and I find the Opti Speedrunner prone to drag failure without regular cleaning and maintenance. 3 1/2 stars in salt. For bones this reel is hard to beat, but for big permit and tarpon, the Nautilus sealed drag reels get the nod.

  13. Ron Ratliff

    With the highly adjustable drag on my Opti reels I can land large fish on light tippets , and land large fish on heavy tippets with the twist of a knob. I have landed some of the greatest fish on these reels. Smooth start up, they pick up line FAST when a fish is charging you, the elements are NO worry when it comes to the Opti! I fish salt, and fresh water in some of the toughest environments in the world, fishing some of the strongest fish in the world… Opti is my go to and I put my name behind it every time a client hooks a fish!!!!!!

    Capt. Ron Ratliff

  14. Kim Nakamura

    i recently added the new Strike to my arsenal of every LOOP Opti reel. The Strike is a fabulous reel like all my others, good looks, large arbor (although not as large as the Speedrunner), great drag. what i really like is the size. The new Strike is perfect for my 8 wt for bonefish as well as my 6 wt double hander. it ‘fits’ these rods better than the Speedrunner.
    I use my Opti reels 90% of the time due to their quality, dependability, durability and they just look awesome.

  15. Nate Ivy

    I own the Opti Runner & Opti Speed Runner and both are completely bomber reels. I have the runner paired up with my 7wt 9’6″ Evotec and it’s a dream to fish with. I have the Speed Runner paired up with my 8wt 9′ cross sx and can attest to its stopping power. For me, it’s important to get the fish to the net quick rather than playing them to the point of exhaustion and I’ve brought in everything from the giant carp at blackfoot to the hardest head shaking lahontan cutties on these reels and there’s never been a day when I’ve been underwhelmed with this reel’s performance. It’s very rugged, so it’s not one of those reels that has to be babied and paired up with LOOP fly rods, you get the raddest looking combo on the market. You won’t find better reels IMHO.

  16. Captan Alan Jackson

    What company designs it’s reels and rods…. none other than LOOP to my knowledge. The LOOP Opti reels and Cross rods function seamlessly together as a family should. I use 5-12 weight Cross rods and Dry Fly thru Mega LOOP reels for my charter fishing business. Outstanding support from product reliability to customer service with LOOP. Thanks!

  17. Torben Meldgaard

    I simply love the looks and feel of this iconic reel. I have the Runner and use it on my SX 9′ #6. The runner is a tad heavy but the Dryfly is too light in my taste. So a reel at about 180 grams would suite me perfectly.
    Apart from that I am one extremely happy customer. Keep up the good work LOOP.
    Read my review at https://seatrouting.com/2016/07/06/anmeldelse-loop-opti-runner/ and use Google Translate for amusement 🙂

  18. Lucas Leskiw

    All I can say is wow! The opti runner is one helluva versatile reel! Can and have run this reel on 4-10w and it performed flawlessly in every scenario I’ve thrown at it, it’s been appx one year since my purchase and I can honestly say this reel has become my go to for so many situations. When I first got my OR I took a trip too one of my honey holes, as I got there I thought “damn I should have grabbed a heavier reel too bring as well in case the big lakers are there now.” Too late now, let’s go hiked down with utter excitement as it was my favourite time of year and it had just begun plus I was carrying a reel I’d wanted for a while. Began swinging and instantly noticed how smooth everything was LIKE BUTTA BABY! On the retrieval it was clear that I was going too love this reel as the v shaped spool even helps put everything on the spool nice and neat. After 15-25 mins I had my first take and it was big, slurped my streamer and headed out and DOWN , after a moment I knew this was a Laker and it felt big. What better time too rest the drag, drags engaged slows her RIGHT DOWN instantly, after 3-4 minutes I got her too net and it turned out she was in the 15-20 range ! I was a very happy boy and the test run of my new toy was complete and a total success! I landed 3 more fish that evening including two spunky steelhead of avg. size 7-8lbs and it handled them with ease as well. Now I’m on the LOOP train and there’s no looking back!

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