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“For many years I was asked to design my own flyrods. Here is the result – the Signature-series, made from the same fibre and technology as the Opti-series. The rods have a somewhat deeper action that bends down through the handle when fully loaded, together with a short piston stroke that allows an early stop.

The rods are easy to use and suit all kinds of fly-fishers, but give you, who have the technical abilities, an improved angle performance – without any loss of power during the forward cast. To fish with the Signature-rods is like poetry for your body and soul. You can almost feel how the rod is speaking to you, then you just hang on.”


Göran Andersson


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  • Triangular reel-seat with a permanent lock – easier to put the reel in place. Form follows function.
  • Cork handle in best available quality.
  • Optional counterweight on fighting butt to balance lightweight reels (model 7100).
  • Ceramic stripping guides and durable chrome snake-guides with double coating.
  • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections.
  • Comes in cloth bag and pentagon shaped cordura tube.


494-4 GASS494-4 9’4″ #4 MF FC 3.32oz. 4 $665
7100-4 GASS7100-4 10’0″ #7 MF MC 4.09oz. 4 $665


4 reviews for Andersson Signature

  1. Keith

    Effortless! These rods perform like no other rod I have cast. Goran is truly a master when it comes to rod design and getting the highest level of performance out of a fly rod.

    Unlike progressive rod tapers this rod works wonder with such a small casting stroke. I find myself discovering new things I can do with this rod every time I am out. I have found myself using this rod for everything from light dry fly fishing to czech style nymphing.

    My goal is to collect the whole Goran Andersson series! Thanks Goran and Loop.

  2. Shane

    Mind blowing!
    I purchased the 10′ 7 weight and it is the best streamer/ steelhead rod I have ever owned.

    It has power for days and even with sinking line, weighted/ articulated streamer it recovers quickly.
    I won’t leave home without this rod.

  3. Derek Olthuis

    When talking about the 9’4″ 4wt. can we say Dry Fly??? This rods is amazing!!! One of the better rods I have casted, period. I have been lucky enough to fish with a ton of rods from lots of companies and this rod is an all time favorite when it comes to tossing drys! Long casts, easy mends and tight loops, what more can you ask for?

  4. Devan Ence

    Simply Amazing!!
    The 9’4″ 4wt has become the Ranch specialist here on the Henry’s Fork. There are a few things that really stand out when fishing for super technical trout with this rod:
    1. The tracking of the rod to the line when presenting a fly is amazing
    2. The ability to mend at any distances (unmatched)
    3. Precision roll casting (pin point accuracy)
    I could go on and on about why this is one of my favorite rods but the proof is in the putting. So grab one of these rods and give it a try for yourself you will be blown away!

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