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After two years of exhaustive development, we are proud to present our brand new Cross SX fly rods.

Our SX range provides the discerning fly fisher with outstanding performance by utilizing the very latest combination of proprietary nano-resin and high tensile carbon. We refer to this as the Cross Core Technology System. This ultra performance fusion of resin and material has provided LOOP with the fundamental DNA to build these world-class fast action fly rods. Using this technology exclusively for SX has allowed us to build rods that enjoy effortless casting characteristics as well as being highly robust to withstand the extremes of modern fly fishing.

Our world-renowned design team tested and re-tested each model around the globe against multiple species in a wide range of climates and fishing conditions. The ultimate criteria during the SX development process was exceptional performance and fishability for the broadest range of casting abilities. It was only after this exhaustive process was completed that we are now delighted to present the mighty Cross SX series.

Featuring the latest titanium stripper guides and anti-friction snake rings, each action has been super refined to allow seamless transfer of energy through the rod’s length during the casting cycle. This allows unprecedented direct-to-target energy transfer and minimal downward blank deflection on the forward cast. With such positive rod tracking and sensory feedback, SX rods offer delicate fly presentation at maximum distance for minimal effort.


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Product Description

+ Blank in aesthetic matte smoke finish.

+ High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements.

+ Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish.

+ Titanium stripper guides and anti-friction snake rings.

+ Delivered aluminum tube and cloth bag.

+ Designed and developed in Sweden.


2 reviews for Cross SX DH

  1. Doug Kinney

    I’ve been fishing the SX 7124-4 for the last month. This rod was made for Pacific Northwest rivers and the casting styles indigenous to the anglers. Everything about his rod has been meticulously designed to cast dry lines all the way to heavy Skagit heads and sink tips. It’s a beautiful gunmetal grey blank with red accented guide wraps. It’s extremely lightweight and balances well with the Opti Strike reel. Not once did I experience arm fatigue after a full day of casting. Double spey’s, snap-T’s, whatever your casting style is, this rod will help you master them all. I started with a 480gr Airflo Scandi head and was easily able to accurately cast 80″ of line out with hardly any effort. I almost was able to hit the other side of the river! This rod wants to launch line! Next I tried a 480gr Rage Compact with a 10ft intermediate poly leader and I had the same result. That nice little line bump you get at the end of the cast just wants to take out more and more line! When the water temp dropped and it was sink tip weather I fished a 510gr Airflo Skagit compact with 12′ of T-11. Normally that would require a more aggressive casting stroke, but this rod didn’t know any better and launched it out there with ease. I think the faster action allows better anchor placement for underhand casting styles and allows the rod to load better casting heavier sink tips. This is the one rod you want if you have only one! This is the rod i’ve been looking for since I started fishing double handed rods. I was able to share this rod on the river with other anglers and they experienced the same joy of casting it that I did. From new casters to experienced pro’s, this rod made everybody smile when they were able to easily shoot out line. I can’t highly recommend this rod enough. Thank you Loop USA, you guys rock!

  2. alin

    I have fished the DH Cross Sx 14 foot 9 weight in Gaspe this past summer !
    it is a rod of choice for the early season.
    It has given me too much confidence!!!!
    Light, accurate, response and puts you in total control!

    Phenomenal !

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