BY COMBINING OUR NEW Q rods and Q reels into a range of three single-handed and two double-handed fly fishing kits, anglers are provided with a ready-to-cast solution that is truly optimized and balanced for optimal performance. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you’re fishing for, you can find the right kit to throw your tiny dries or meaty streamer to you favorite apex predator. There are five optimized outfits available at a highly attractive price point.

What’s included in each kit? The Q kit features everything you need to just go fishing! A fly rod, preloaded fly reel with backing, and a tapered leader attached ready and waiting for you to use straight out the rod tube. Why would you purchase another rod in the price range when you can have a rod, reel, and fly line specifically designed to be used together? This allows optimal performance even at a compelling price point. Each line rating benefits from a specific Q fly line taper to enhance the performance of the particular kit. Each outfit is protected by a robust Cordura combined rod and reel tube for secure transportation and quick and easy access. The kit looks so good you’re going to be in a hurry to get it out and on the water!



  • Optimized and balanced rod, line and reel ready-to-cast outfits
  • Specially designed taper for each line rating
  • User-friendly rod actions for all levels of angling ability
  • Robust cordura rod and reel protective tube
  • Competitively priced performance outfits


  • 590-4
  • 690-4
  • 790-4
  • 890-4
  • 1090-4


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